Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I doodle when I'm happy

I doodle when I'm sad

I doodle when I'm carefree

I doodle when I'm mad

I doodle to remember

I doodle to forget

I doodle to invent

I doodle to divert


I doodle for expression

I doodle for distraction

I doodle for enjoyment

I doodle for retention


I doodle to dream

I doodle to believe

I doodle to stay simple

I doodle to stay free

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I don't like doing nothing... and my scanner was taken away! The point is that for some reason I am stuck on a PC and I have been forced to sketch using Microsoft paint to keep myself busy! Arrrgg!!!
Anywhooo, after my anger and panic attack, I am letting you know that I used to love doing stuff on paint. I would come up with the craziest designs and it was the next best thing. The problem is that now I don't really remember how to use it. Once I have put something down I can't move it or modify it and I think I remember being able to do so.
Anyway, I wonder if relationships are a similar event. You meet someone and they are great, they are funny, interesting, the next best thing! After a while, you're like what!?!?! Who is this person? Peeeyew! what is your name again?
No, not to that extent, but do we grow so close to people sometimes that we grow apart?

Friday, March 13, 2009

2 things I found out today...

    1. I do not have ESP after all. Don't count on me to predict my future, nor yours.
    2. I possess some qualities to be a TV anchor if I work hard to polish these skills I have a good chance of making it!

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Laws of Conservation

    One day, not too long ago; my dad told me that I have to take care of my body because if I don't, it can morph into something that will never go back to how it originally was. (Obviously meaning I need to close my mouth and excercise.)

    The thing is that for some reason I was thinking about what he said today and as superficial as it came off, it has a very deep side to it as well. You see, a long long time ago someone very smart came up with a theory that stated that mass/matter can neither be created nor distroyed, it can only be transformed.

    So in original thoughts, once my body has grown and streched it most likely will not go back to how it used to look. However, my real thoughts right now are linked to feelings and energy. To relationships and states of being.

    Once you have had certain thoughts have you been morphed to never go back to innocence? Once you have been enlightened are you doomed to stay there and never go back to ignorance? Once a relationship has taken a step someplace is there no real going back?

    Once you have felt is it possible to become insensitive?

    So this makes me wonder, am I the kind of person who would rather close the metaphoric mouth to prevent my life from morphing or am I the type of person who will metaphorically excercise to turn my life into the most it can be?


    I don't know if it's just me. But when I'm driving my mind goes wild. It's like I gave it a ticket to lucid land. I have all of these great ideas, things seem clear, it's just great.

    Two things derive from this. The first is obviously that I start lacking concentration on the actual driving portion of this activity. Which makes me wonder... is that why people are such bad drivers in Miami? They all just cruise around having these amazing epiphanies.

    I'll be honest though, I really don't think people here have that capacity. Miami - lack of culture tip of the country. Why are people here such bad drivers?

    Anyhow, the second thing is that I get frustrated because when I arrive at my destination my state of enlightenment disappears in full halt. I barely even function.

    My mental potential could be set to so much more good and profit if it was utilized wherever it is that I go doing whatever it is that I do.
    Unless of course this means that the things I do lack appeal and I should have a dramatic life change (gasp, wow. I ran out of breath just thinking this paragraph up).